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Mortare speciale germane
German undercasting grout: EuroGrout

EuroGrout® grouts and concrete are special mortars, non shrinking when dry, with controlled volume growth, creating a tight bond between the machinery and the concrete foundation, pillars, etc.


EuroGrout® grouts are used for grouting  precision machinery of any kind, high vibration machinery – turbines, generators, compressors, Diesel engines, anchoring bolts, rails, heavy metallic structures.


They are used in refineries, mining, chemical industry, industrial halls, bridges, etc.

List of materials

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  • EG Verfüllbeton - Beton de umplere superfluid
  • EG Premium - Mortar superfluid pentru fixarea utilajelor
  • EG EuroGrout®- Undercasting grout
  • EG EuroGrout - Beton de subturnare
  • EG-S- Fast Setting Grout
  • EG Super - Beton de subturnare
  • EG-H Mortar de subturnare cu rezistenta ridicata
  • EG-F Mortar for joint filling
  • EG-B Fire resistant grout
  • EG-P Plastic consistency grout
  • EG-Ar - Steel fiber grout
  • EG Varix - Mortar de umplere