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Mortare speciale germane
German repair mortars EuroCret

EuroCret®  Repair systems - PCC I - Repair systems for non-passable areas, with dynamic loads and PCC II – for passable areas with dynamic load 


They are recommended for non-passable areas, inner side of bridges, tunnels, industrial structures under high loads and subject to freeze-thaw cycles and dew salts.


These grouts reach very high final strengths, being specially designed for repairing concrete structures under dynamic loads.

For sulfate attacks and high temperatures, use  EuroCret® HS


List of materials

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  • EC - Repair mortar
  • EC 40 HS F Mortar de reparatii cu fibre rezistent la atac sulfatic
  • EuroCret 20 HD Fiber reinforced repair mortar
  • EC-MKH- Adherence layer and corrosion protection
  • EC HS F Repair mortar with fibers, resistant to sulphate attack
  • EC-S Screeding compound
  • EC Unispachtel S - Masa de spaclu rapida
  • EC-C Protection Paint
  • EuroCret® OS Protection against premature water evaporation