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Mortare speciale germane
Fast set German mortars Topolit

Fast set German mortars Topolit

Fast set cement or bitumen based mortars, with polymers, for quick loading (between 10 min and 24 h), recommended also for low temperatures and freeze thaw cycles; easy to put into works

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  • T-MVM Mortar rapid rezistent la atacuri sulfatice
  • Topolit Kanalsaniermörtel S Mortar reparatii canale
  • Topolit® Kanalsaniermörtel Mortar reparatii canale
  • Topolit Kanalbaumörtel Mortar constructii canale
  • T-Fix Turbo Mortar ultrarapid
  • T-Fix Super Mortar ultrarapid
  • T-Fix Mortar ultrarapid
  • T Bf Topolit® Bitufix - Mortar for concrete or asphalt repairs
  • T Fix Plast - Fast set grout
  • T B Topolit Blitz
  • Topolit® Wasserstop