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German Special grouts

German undercasting grout: EuroGrout

Special grouts with additives, with controlled volume growth, high initial and final strengths, high flowing, high adherence to steel and concrete

German anchor and injection grout - Euro Grout

Special grouts, used for anchoring in concrete structures, in rocks, crack injections….


German repair mortars EuroCret

PCC mortars with polymers, corrosion protections, concrete repair structures, highly resistant to sulfate attacks.

Fast set German mortars Topolit

Fast set cement or bitumen based mortars, with polymers, for quick loading (between 10 min and 24 h), recommended also for low temperatures and freeze thaw cycles.


Products for industrial flooring and repairing; high compressive and abrasion strengths; for dynamic and lumped loading; fast loading.


Mortar systems for concrete slabs pavements; cement based products with plastic/synthetic material addition, non shrinking when dry, high compressive and abrasion strengths, resistant to frost, dew salts and oils

Repair products - Kerasal

Materials for drinkable water tanks repairs